The Elusive Wedding Jora.

I knew my wedding outfit had to be different and gorgeous, I just didn’t know how I was going to manage it. As my friends would tell you I’m definitely idea challenged when it comes to designing clothes. And I’m even more patience challenged when it comes to suggestions. I mean its not like I’m an embarrassment to be seen with, but I follow the less is more philosophy. The less the hassle, the more I like it. Which is why when I set out to search for the “right” wedding dress, high on top of the priorities was to find someone to help me who would humour my vague suggestions.

Apparently, most brides-to-be have an excellent idea of what they want to look like- some clipping from a magazine…some makeup pics…and a clear-cut vision. This bride-to-be on the other hand, had a clear idea of what she didn’t want. And although that might not be the norm, I felt most accomplished that it was at least a starting point.

Let me be concise. I have no clue what I am doing. Call it going by gut instinct, call it a panic attack but I decided to go ahead with the first person I met who seemed to at least appreciate my disjointed ideas of what I wanted. The rest, inshallah, will get taken care of on its own.

I am no closer to a dreamy bridal vision of myself dressed in all my finery but as I file my snippets of cloth and colour samples away in my wedding box, I smile, relieved that at least one person who knows what she is doing is now on board the wedding train.


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One thought on “The Elusive Wedding Jora.”

  1. no problem.your wedding jora will inshaalh be beautiful ..cause you wont go by the usual…jee is joray ka yeh kam daal jora ka gala chiyeh mujhay…etcetc..wht you will have will be extraordinary..i know!:)

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