so easy.

its so easy to be angry. its so very easy to forget all the ways and reasonings with which you actually got to the point of having said yes. one small, ill-timed reminder and you are back to square one- wary, defensive and on your guard.its so easy to fall back into the pattern of watching out for yourself, of championing your own cause. its so easy to want to be alone again because that is when you are at your best self-preservatory. its so easy for a simple short-life tiff to develop into something complicated and long drawn out.
its so easy to be melodramatic. to claim that nothing will ever be the same again based on a moment of incompatibility.

and…thank god its just as easy to let that moment go.


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4 thoughts on “so easy.”

  1. hmmm as long as its easy enough to then back into teh normal mode and let go of a few things and be happy again

  2. ur right, our posts are quite similar.
    one difference.your past is my present.
    im actually not really that down in the not moping.just a bit irritated with myself.
    u know its impossible for me to be truly depressed.

  3. hmm i duno0o if this is what ur talking abt this or not. but one of my fears is that right before my wedding day ill turn around and just be like. “NO! I can not marry him!! thats it!”
    i can so0o see myself doing that! *sigh* …thank God that day is milleniums in the future tho 😛

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