Just Wait Till Youre Married…You’ll See.

married women wield this phrase with a mad sadistic power, chuckling evilly inside while making sympathetic clucking noises infront of the happy-in-her-world bride to be.
everyt time you meet a married friend, it seems as though shes bound by duty to inform you of all the things BAD in a marriage…and if perchance you happen to not agree that life will be pathetic later on…they will remind you, just wait till youre married, you’ll see.

so i met a friend while k and i were out researching on fun colours for the room today, and she asked me how everything was coming along. i answered in my usual effervescent fashion about how hectic life has gotten and it seems like one minute im on the computer designing a book and the next minute we are measuring curtain cloth. in my naivety i forgot i was talking to hardened married woman, who instead of appreciating the fact that i felt proud of my multi-tasking, chose to interpret it as a complaint, that my precious freedom to do as i like was already lost. even before i finished my sentence she was shaking her head in commiseration and telling me how much worse it will be after im married.

it seems to me that everyones waiting for me to be married, so that i can see for myself how burdensome it is. how bogged down one feels. how much the pressure is. how about sharing with me the better details? like what it feels like to be someones wife? to go home with someone every night knowing youn love them? to wake up next to them and go on with life but with a little hop in your heart instead? how about redefining for ourslves what marriage actually means? and finding strength to embrace the changes as part of life?

just wait till i’m married. you’ll see. inshallah.


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8 thoughts on “Just Wait Till Youre Married…You’ll See.”

  1. There are moments in single life when you suddenly feel your life is not your own, there are times in single adultlife, when you would rather be a school girl-in short yearnings for another time, another place will always catch us off guard, but after the feeling passes, it always leaves a happiness in knowing where you are now is where you were meant to be, and it can be the best place in the world-single, or married.

  2. being married is a nice, happy, funny thing.. when youre deliriously happy after marriage, people will say ‘arrae this is the honeymoon period… wait a few months.. love shove will go out the window…’

    being typical is easy… when youre not (as obnoxious as this is sounding) life’s way more confusing but its also way more fun..

    in a nutshell, you will make it what you will… and i think it’ll be a great thing

  3. Let me quote something from the movie While you were sleeping. When Jack proposes to Lucy he tells her that “”I promise you that we will face tough times, I guarantee you that there will be times in our lives when we won’t event want to see each other’s face but I also guarantee that I will always be by your side”

    Every marriage involves a few little compromises, but we shouldn’t overlook the good things we get in return too.

    I wish you all the happiness in the world, good health and a fairy tale life 🙂

  4. thanks mars, cheesoo and faraz. it means the world to me to find people who share my sense of fairy tales. i dont mind working hard for my happily ever after but i know that happiness is not a destination but the journey. am really looking fwd to that!! wish you guys fun and happiness in life always too.

  5. Being regular follower of ur recent blogs and reading the old ones now is such a pleasure to see how positively u thought of things and mashAllah how good u have taken them to. I absolutely loved it and i wish the same for years ahead..Ameen 🙂

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