love, scary love.

perhaps once in your lifetime, or twice if youre lucky, you fall in love with someone who shakes the ground out from beneath your feet. when you actually have to hold onto something stable to make sure the world stays upright…when you are pulled into a whirling kaleidoscope of colours…not knowing where the pink ends and the red begins. its scary. scarier than anything youve known. because its all consuming. its all encompassing. suddenly your decisions seem to teeter on the edge of major changes…your choices ring with the potential of absolute complete magic and risktaking and everything, everything in life just pulls at you, demanding that you live life to the fullest or else.

i marvel at men who run from this. scared of the emotion that they suddenly realize they are capable of. petrified of the loss of control. terrified of feeling like someone can actually mean that much and more. where will you run? where will you hide? the truth is inside you. how far can you run from yourself?


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15 thoughts on “love, scary love.”

  1. i agree!
    man are sooo missing out…its a nice kind of loss of control!
    very few take the risk.ur lucky.
    very lucky…Ameeeeeeeeeeen!

  2. this post was actually going to be dedicated to men who run away form a good thing because they are too scared to deal with something powerful they would rather settle for the mundane…the unscary. but it turned out different 🙂

    madiha…thanks! its just me venting most of the time. 🙂

  3. I wont call it being scared. How about being a lil more mature?

    I mean men who dont fall in this web know their priorities. And life is about priorites right?

    Not that every one is a love-is-stupid kinda guy like me~ still most men know their priorities…atleast who “run away” from your proverbial love..they do !

    No cynicism intended. This world has so much more than the Romeo Juliet craze. Love is powerful, it might be beautiful ~ but I think I can find much more beautiful yet rewarding things than the mere old laila-majnoon romance.

  4. lurrrv the idea of this blog and wishing u lots of happiness too…if i ever get married, i’m going to copy this idea of yours. 🙂

    falling in love is scary because u r giving yourself over to someone, always the possiblity of hurt…its like taking a blind leap of faith…guess that is what love is about, trust and faith.

  5. *Love the description. sounds wonderful!! 🙂
    unfortunatly for me i thnk id fall in the “mens” category on this one …not because i run from commitment (which i sorta tottally do btw ;)) …but i duno0o …i duno0o if id ever be able to let go of myself to feel that …
    you are v.lucky *Mashallah* 🙂

  6. well saady, i beg to differ. life can be lived in prioritized passionate way as well. not necesaarily in denial of anything powerful existing. and its certainly not about romeo and juliet. never has been…

    faraz…have you been on a delete spree again??? i have a feeling its you.

  7. I like the way you call it a “prioritized passionate way”.. the priority for your passions comes into question again…

    Ask me abt my passion and I say my family, my country and then my family again !
    Ask my best friend abt it and he says Vodka, girls and food…not necessarily good priorities as far as I am concerned but hez damn passionate abt them !

    Anyways ! I dont mean to contradict with everything that you have to say abt love..its just that “Love” for me is more than being scared or being hurt. I just like the fact that a lot of people love me…and I love a lot of people… I love them more than my life… The idea of going crazy after ONE and thinkin that that One is all life has to offer seems a lil absurd..or i must say farther-than-life to me !

    I must give this to you…”you know how to write your heart out”
    Adios !

  8. I only deleted one comment I made, honest! 🙂

    Let me just quote Faiz here:
    aur bhi dukh hein zamaney mein mohabbat key siwa …

  9. faraz…hain tau bahut dukh muhabbat ke siwa. this seems to be the one dukh that comes most naturally to us all!

    this blog was created with the sole purpose of exploring some thoughts on the subject of relationships and marriage and the feedback has been v intertesting esp from you. so, DONT DELETE. 🙂

  10. Just came across your post linking through some angle bloggers… Too Good! But always blamming men is not fair… To me, its all circumstances and fortune! But thats true a female is more shattered in a broken relationship…

  11. i think it’s a little nuts to fall in love…
    Hakeem Luqman said: Fall in love with God. You will find people to be like scorpions.

    or words to that effect…end of the day, end of the line, i’d be really happy if i raised decent kids, and felt good about how i had lived my life. oh and a girl who doesnt cheat on you. God those are hard to find…

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