ghar jaisa khana.

today i had lunch at my future house. with k. we were doing furniture and room planning with the designer in the morning and after that his grandmother insisted i stay for lunch. im so glad i did because the lunch was so much like my own ghar ka khana.

and as july nears, little daily details start resolving themselves and as the pieces fall into place to create the final big picture,contrary to what many people think i feel, i believe all over again in what is meant to be. i think back to the past 10 years of life and relationships in my life and i know and reaffirm that things happen for a reason and i believe that in our steadfastness and honesty, we end up getting what we deserve the most. and in my case, that would be ghar jaisa khana and the most amazing person i could have asked for.
people, there IS a god.


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11 thoughts on “ghar jaisa khana.”

  1. Of course there IS a God 🙂

    I really wish you two a great deal of happiness, love and serenity. May you find a great chef for your new home 😉 (amen)

    I just finished writing a reply to your comment when i saw a new post on this blog.

  2. It’s really silly to exchange messages like this. The authorization request was for the messaging client. My MSN id is cwildd and I send an authorization request to add you in my messenger list (jammie[at]hotmail)

  3. Yes most certainly there is a God, and all this small things keep on remindung us of his existance….goodluck babees!

  4. Mashallah, your optimism is infectious…

    “Meant to be” is what I am looking for…but what escapes me is this: at what point do you KNOW it’s meant to be?

    Wish you both plenty of happiness…can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

  5. hehe! i wish you the best!

    will you be living with in laws? designing your room or the whole house! wooowzie!

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