Test My Love, Why Dont You?

the kaam wala mujahid didnt have the sherwani work sample ready.
the embrodery wala nadeem didnt have the kurta work ready
the dye wala person (i dont know his name) didnt have the dupatta ready.

and on top of it my laptopo got infested with adware.
and THEN they wonder why shaadi time is so stressy…
sigh. today was just not good.
why dont these people take their job professionally? its not like the six months prior to my wedding my employer is going to give me a paid leave so why cant they understand i cannto make three rounds daily just to check if the thread colour is what ive confirmed three times already????

i think all of this bakwaas is just to test the level of one’s commitment. if you can do all THIS for someone you love, man you’d better spend the rest of your life with them!!


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6 thoughts on “Test My Love, Why Dont You?”

  1. And Insha Allah you will…think about it, you’ll have all the fun when it’s time to tell the story of your wedding preparations to your grandchildren..the wedding you’ll have (Insha Allah), glorious as it will be, will be a thing of the past for your grandchildren , something to be framed for a museum! And your grandchildren will wonder: Hamare dadi/nani to bohot chikne thee!

  2. m…god i just write to retain my sense of humour. which dies when one begins the process of the wedding.

    zag…that one suit is gonna change your life πŸ˜€

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