minor details.

if it wasn’t for the wedding, getting married would be great fun.


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7 thoughts on “minor details.”

  1. Then how about a court marriage? Or maybe just going to the Qazi and getting it over with and then sending a mass email to everyone saying we are already married so please send us your gifts at my new home 😉

    Now that would be being different.

  2. i dont think so!
    no way am i letting u downplay a sequence of days that promise to be a blast!
    the wedding will be fun too!
    IT WILL!

  3. hey jam jelly..havent been following this blog or any blog actually-not even my own-but came to it today and had great fun reading it..:)
    love mars

  4. zag…court marriage sounds sterile somehow. maybe if i jazz it up a bit.

    kat…its a phase i tell you. soon you will want to be the bride bride again!

    khizzy/bbcd/meyum…thanks. 🙂 inshallah.

    mars…welcome back to the blog world. glad youre enjoying my rants online as well as otherwise. 🙂

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