Portrait of a Bride- Part I

I have had many many friends get married. Drawing from those experiences,
I have come to the conclusion that finding a Bride Style is important. But before I start on what exactly I’ve realized about bride styles, I must share a story which I found horrifyingly funny.

My mother has been a silent bemused ear to many of my wedding related rantings from the pointlessness to unnecessary expenditure to the intricacies of furniture design. I think she quietly wonders how I evolved into the Independent Mind I am today and which side of the family to blame. So kitchen discussion ranges from why I dont want a mehndi to what I prefer for the nikah, my mother told the three of us about someone she knew who had 3 (or maybe 4) very hyperactive girls, ranging from the ages of 7 to 13. Every day the poor lady would try to manage their antics, their questions, their schedules and their tantrums. Until, one day, she hit upon the solution. Another typical day in her house with the usual amount of madness enusing and suddenly she screams,”ok girls…time to be a dulhan!!” And as if by magic, silence descended as the 4 girls ran up, each ready to play the role of her life. The mother proceeded to put red, shimmery dupattas on their heads, and automatically, the girls sat quietly, head bowed, gaze lowered, absolutely mute.


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4 thoughts on “Portrait of a Bride- Part I”

  1. the girls sat quietly, head bowed, gaze lowered, absolutely mute.
    Somehow I just can’t picture you like that. Tell you mom dreams don’t really come true all the time 🙂

  2. Never heard this story before..must be vintage paki 🙂

    Nice one…a house full of girls…I would love to be that mom:)

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