when you need to talk.

there are times when you just want to talk. about what is right what is not. what is on. the clutter`in your head needs airing. the cobwebs need smacking and justa general spring cleaning is required. you want people to be there, ready to listen to you, sound you out. tell you to shut up or listen to you rant and rave. people who are there because they want to be not because youve asked them. people who are there becauyse they care and not because of any other superficial reason that exixst out in the world. people who make time out of their oh so busy busy life and scheds to call up and ask…so hows it going? i want those people in my life starting right about…now.

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people who know me...know me.

7 thoughts on “when you need to talk.”

  1. mine are never around when i need to talk! i can walk around with a banner or a stamp on my head they still wont notice! .. i *hear* its becuase im the strong independent type that *doesnt* need support?!


  2. 😦
    im sick of talking.
    i want solutions.
    being goofy and smily isnt a permanent job.i have regular days off…but nobody asks…
    in the end i find a kAy and pour.

  3. Jam, you are gonna get one soon.

    Khizzy: Really?? You mean behind all these LOLs there lies someone who has 😦 days? Well don’t worry babe, and hold on to Kay till you find a replacement πŸ˜‰

  4. bbcd: us *strong independant typ* get the short end of the deal coz we look like we oh so dont need anything πŸ˜€ i tell you it has its downsides.

    khizzy…the happy countenance is MUCH better than being known as someone who always has a sad face on. cmon its never tHAT bad.

    zag: πŸ˜€ im gonna get one sounds suspiciously like a warning. hehe.

    m…i am rambling arent it heh.

  5. hahah thattaway. even though yes i do think physical space is impt, i think actual space issues exist in your head and are therefore resolvable most of the part.

    this was more whiny blog about friends and their sucky timings.

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