love is…flip flops.

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a few years ago, along several stretches of road (i think shamsheer being the main one) a number of ‘love is’ banners used to go up religiously every year, featuring the trademark little boy and girl.
love is…thinking of you.
love is…when we are together.
love is…being with you…always.

i remember straining to lookout for them every time i knew they were up, trying to catch glimpses while beng driven past, smiling and wondering who the lucky girl (woman) was whose boy (man) loved her so much that he wanted the streets to proclaim it. for the sweet dreamy 16 year old me with a mushy heart and an overactive imagination, it was the ultimate in romantic gestures.
so many stories became associated with it…an old man whose wife died of cancer…an uncle so in love with his wife even after 35 years of being married to her…a young man who was desperately trying to get his true love to say yes…the tragedy and emotion mingled to melt even the toughest hearts.

then randomly i ran into someone who claimed to know who did this…but of course i never followed it up. us romantics are not interested in the practical details. only the stories, and as fairy tales go, karachi had its very own to tell.


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9 thoughts on “love is…flip flops.”

  1. i remember those… we had a story it was some sindhi gonda trying to woo an older woman.. :-S

    hope your big day tayarian are going happy and well and as smooth as is (im?)possible


  2. I can’t recall any banners but i sure have seen those in a magazine.One was ‘Love is…..making up for lost time’ and another was ..’the love you gave me is finished…can i have a refill?’..heh,best of luck woth ur prep jammie:)

  3. BTW Jam, How did your H2B did it with you? (Get your mind out of gutter, i am talking about sweeping you off your feet!!) 😉

  4. cheesoo/saphiya, thanks. things are going as well as possible.

    zag..that is a separate post altogether!

    sammish…now there a followup to the story i didnt know.

  5. *confused* what do you all live on the same street? lol

    that sounds like a cute story, as i am here and you all are there… ill have to make the image in my head! :o(

  6. I remember the route – Mujhaid,Shaheen, Shamsheer and Zamzama. From what I heard, it was my cousins neighbour, who lived on mujahid as well.
    Since its a rumor, I dont want to name the dude, but hes somewhat of celebrity in the Karachi theatre circles and so is his wife who also happens to a be a well known designer. She had an outlet on 26th near Ideal and by Doo Talwar as well and the dude had the signs put up on her birthday so that shed catch a glimpse on her way to work.
    Thats the Story I know, I am not sure how far its true, but its sure is a fun tale of romance from back home.

  7. hahahaha – tum loogon ka network never ceases to amaze to me! so is it true?
    was it her hubby who put up the signs ?

  8. I want to leave you a comment but i’m afraid i’ll make an anti-romantic, anti-love snide remark…. So……..
    Love your blog…..will frequent it!

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