time to dump it.

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we all lug around our fair share of emotional baggage. things that happened that we have just not been able to let go of. we may have survived without scars but the repercussions linger, rearing their nasty tentacles in our moments of vulnerability and insecurity. we drag this baggage around, thinking that by not letting go, we are reminding ourself of some kind of lesson we learnt from this experience. to be less open. to be more careful. to be wary. in fact, what we are actually denying ourselves the freedom to move on, to be someone completely new. someone better. someone who will not make the same mistakes again. someone who can live with trusting again. in essence by dragging around the sealed boxes of failed relationships, friend hurts and bad career moves, we hinder our unfettered movement forward. our pace slows under the burden and the inability to treat the past as something gone weighs on us. so today, i cast my emotional baggage aside (or i try to atleast), because the happy place where i want to be is right there on the horizon and by dragging all the unnecessary crap with me, i am unable to go jumping hopping, skipping to the better time that is beckoning from over the hills.


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9 thoughts on “time to dump it.”

  1. please assist me in my moment of thickness…what do the years represent…or is that just a random assortment of year sto depict time?

  2. sorry khiz. it was incomplete. i didnt have time before work to finish it today πŸ™‚ hope it makes more sense now.

  3. Well-written Jammie…and so true too…but at times, it takes a horizon as you say, or someone walking next to you to make you see that really..all that you are carrying is not important…most of it, if not all, can be chucked out..:)

  4. did you conciously colour the years they way the are – i mean i got thinking why one year would be “green” and the other “red” – symbolism ?

  5. hahaha cocaine. the years are coloured only because i would hate to lug around boring black and white boxes. no symbolism whatsoever!

  6. Inshallah your better time will be the most wonderful experience yet and will be the Blessing of your life time. *smile*

  7. I ll always remember this post and will come over to re-read if i ever go through a rough patch again, as it soothe me in my hard time now and i guess, it always will. It simply faded away all negativity i had been carrying. You rock lady!! πŸ™‚

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