on being bridey.

nowadays, i mostly function on automatic to-do lists. lots of tiny coloured post-its stuck like confetti on my wall unit, reminding me my various aims and objectives for the day. drop off artwork cd to printer. pick up doop from dyeing. go to check sherwani kaam. buy pair of gold shoes. hand in semester grades.
i tried being a bride and taking time off. that didnt work out too well so i decided im a happier, saner, easier-to-live-with human being when i feel mentally challenged. and now im back at work.

it seems to me that the popular opinion is that the months preceding the wedding, the girl, however full a life she has, should give it all up and sit at home. feel pampered and precious. glow a little, the fair and lovely way. be calmer. maybe its just me being a control freak, but how exactly does that work? with a zillion little bits of info and things to think about or manage buzzing around like insistent mosquitoes in my head, sitting at home does not make me calmer. infact, it makes me antsy, crippled and very very difficult to live it. give me errands and im happy. keep me working and im busy. keep me distracted and im actually halfway decent to live with also. i think my poor mom learnt it the hard way.


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7 thoughts on “on being bridey.”

  1. oh hoooo stay at home and relax nah, enjoy it, there arnt many times in your life when you will be allowed to do nothing and people will be proud of you! lol.. the next time will possible be when you are pregnant. so enjoy it while it lasts sweety.

  2. hahaha..i can imagine.Both of my sisters wouldn’t sit back at home before their weddings either.And when we took the mehndi to the younger one’s groom’s place (and she was supposed to sit back home,as per the wierdo trend),she was out dancing at her friend’s mayoon.It was all very crazy but thats where the fun lies too!

  3. some of us are just not meant to be that kind….as far as you are happy doing whatever, thats what shud matter!

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