The Magic Dress

my earliest wedding memories date back to 1983 when the whole aspect of marriage was a fascinating semi-understanding of staying up late nights, lots of singing and dancing and a general breaking of the usual rules that applied to us kids. even then, being 6 years old, i was aware of the fact that Something Special was happening.

although a 1980’s bride can now only be termed a fashion faux-pas, at that time, minna was the most gorgeous bride i had ever seen. a whirl of the brightest colurs in the world, she represented Beauty as i had never seen before. and the clothes. oh those clothes. i remember standing near her on the stage, captivated by the rich blend of colours and the intricate work catching the overhead lights, reflecting and sparkling as if by magic. i remember being fascinated by the makeup, which had transformed her into this Beauty Queen, the shimmer on her face making her glow as she looked appropriately shy and demure, the perfect bride.

22 years later and i am the bride. my fascination for the wedding outfit remains intact. so much so that when i tried it on for the first time just a few days ago, i was swept away again, just as completely, with promise of happiness, sheer magic and the power of transformation that this dress holds within it.


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5 thoughts on “The Magic Dress”

  1. sarah,

    shaadi is happening and for some odd reason, i wish u well very much from the tummy of my bottom

    gawd bless and please enjoy yourself silly

  2. parrot green and magenta….nothin’ beats the bride of the eighties/early nineties 😉

    congrachylayshuns…i’m so glad that there’s still magic in a shaadi.

  3. thanks guys. just pray everything goes well. i keep waiting for the famous STRESS to hit me, as everyone keeps predicting it will. but nothing eart shattering so far yet 😀 thank God.

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