reality butterflies.

as i hit the six week mark to the wedding, i feel the butterflies doing their formations in my stomach every now and then. im not sure exactly what it is. nervous anticipation of a new life? the fact that my sister is mentally redecorating my room at this very minute? that i will be living in someone elses house for the rest of my life?

i think till now the whole process of getting married had been one of lighthearted introspection and a removed acceptance. sort of an underwater realization that it is me getting married this time. but as the days start ticking by faster (as they do towards the end) i am beginning to feel my insides dance in a variety of moods. part of me wants to put my head under the blanket in clinginess to the life i have right now. but another, more insistent part of me cant wait to start life with k who deals with my mad ramblings and incessant plans with good natured humour.
and as the weeks literally melt into july, i am slowly packing up the old,
ready to move into the dreams i have chosen for myself.


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4 thoughts on “reality butterflies.”

  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
    now iv got butterflies!

    this ones emotional jammie!maybe ur crazy sisters are feeling the butterflies too, they are after all loosing a member of the jam trilogy!

  2. I liked the bit about “i will be living in someone elses house for the rest of my life”…..It must be both exciting and scary…

    But I say…walk aqlong with time and just walk into those dreams of yours..:)

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