dance fridays.

some of the most memeorable times from my wedding i think will turn out to be the crazy friday (somehow always friday) dance sessions, when weary of our work and other lives, we would dance the thakkann away, going home with tired feet and temporarily lifted hearts, ready to face routine again.

until the next friday.


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6 thoughts on “dance fridays.”

  1. this is the “nadian madham lagti hain” part!
    i just know it…thank u for putting the one ommitting me!

  2. lol oh god the dances :oS hahah Good luck girlys! no triping on the edges of rugs or your salvars!

    the last time i went to a wedding here there was so much bumping and grinding going on i was almost glad it was girl on boy! :o0 haha

  3. sarah
    happy happy shaadi to you… i trust u wont be one of those spaced out, snotty, behaving special dulhans… hug everyone, make sure u have a blast and smile and giggle and move around..


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