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  1. 23 days and 22 nights
    saraaa..maybe this depressng looking paper is going to make you gaga over the excitement(an addition to the ongoing state of gaganess) and craziness of the next manay many years that will come once you and k have signed it

  2. its truly depressing.
    im sure if the government left it up to you to design it would have lil hearts and caricatures all over it 😛

  3. Sara … good luck for shaadi .. it’s the most amazing trip you’ll ever take.

    You make me wish I had keep a blog then too …

  4. kay…
    maybe not hearst maybe just colours. hmm maybe i should redesign it for the fun of it….

    bakpakchik…thanks. i look fdw to this trip and im really glad i did end up keeping a blog. made it more fun 😀

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