The Nikahnama

like every other official paper in this country, the nikahnama is also depressingly designed. why is it that we still want to believe that the way things look have no bearing on how we feel about them?? if there were well-designed, aesthetically superior passports, driving licences, tax forms, ID cards, NTN certificates and government forms, i personally believe that people would be a lot more open to actually making an effort to obtain them and work according to the law.

my mother gave me this depressing looking piece of paper which i thought was a lecture or something she got from the madressah next door; instead it turned out to be the piece of paper that is going to verify that k and i are man and wifey. Depressing. How can people be excited about marriage and look forward to a happy life when they start out life together on a piece of paper that looks as pessimistic as this? who designs these anyways?


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