lets invite everyone.

the biggest battle ensuing in the house these days is on who to invite and who to NOT invite. random relatives seems to be crawling out of the woodwork and claiming undying closeness to my family. myself being the practical-coldhearted dulhan-being keeps wondering where these people were so far. my parents being the emotional our-daughter-is-getting-married beings are welcoming everyone with open arms, even khala khatto, a mythical someone from somewhere far away who we claim always shows up at our weddings, but is in actuality NOT related to us. maybe shes a spirit of good luck or maybe she just comes for the food, but she is always there.

why cant people understand they everyone cannot be invited to everything? its along the same line of understanding as money does not grow on trees. people complain of having to go to so many weddings, and then complain some more if they are actually not invited to one pointless event in the entire celebration.

and as the battles goes on, i accept resignedly the random people at the wedding (the ones we see once a year at eid, maybe), people who have vague relations to someone or the other in the family, people who are there because of of some tie long ago to someone who maybe isnt even there anymore, but i look FORWARD to seeing those faces i care about, those people who have in the recent years of my life been there, meant much and who will constitute the more cherished memories of my wedding, inshallah.


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5 thoughts on “lets invite everyone.”

  1. this whole scenario is considered a joke in our family! reasons are ditto when compared to your post.

    the joke however is that we feel that the undiscovered relatives appear for the shaadi of the eldest son/daughter and that the youngones would have no one attending their weddings – i plan to have a circus on my wedding (being the young one!) and have a gala event to attract audience!

    for once i am glad i am the sab say choti baitee cause i’d only attend relatives i know and frands! ooh, this is too long now. Best of luck! Inshallah all will work out for the best in the end.

  2. insya…thanks for the email via kAy. it was very very sweet of you to write and really as the days go by, im so glad i kept a blog…will make remembering easier. thanks again for all the prayers.

  3. khala khatto is REAALLL!!!
    the mystery unfolds!

    atleast ghulail naqvis presence will be mosssttt looked fwd to thing abt ure wedding 😛 mainly to see if he exists – ahaha

  4. hahaha i’m fascinated!!! tell me more ’bout kala khatto!!!!

    hang in there. does this mean that i can’t have only 50 people at MY shaadi?! bhaaan!

    *runs off muttering ‘elope elope’*

  5. heh, and then you hear during your entire lifetime how so and so wasn’t invited and how truly madly deeply upset they are for being ignored like that.. congratulations on your wedding by the way, not too many days to go now inshaAllah =)

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