some things dont change.

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when i was 8, i thought brides were beautiful, magic beings, sent to earth to make us happy. at 28, i still think so.


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14 thoughts on “some things dont change.”

  1. Cocaine said…
    are those your feet?
    Awesome picture though, the interlocked fingers, the slightly clenching toes – seems like someone is getting married 😀

    its like the picture is saying ready, get set, go …. a new chapter starts.

    good times!


  2. Saeed said…
    Mabrook!so its singing & dancing for 10 days until the day??wow!marriages in my khandaan have been so boring…khair.U enjoy!

  3. guys sorry the post got posted on the wrong blog. hence the shofting here of the comments!

    thanks coacaine. needless to say we miss you here.

    insiya thanks. also kay showed me your mail. very sweet of you. hugs.

    and saeed, weddings in my family are mad events. sincerely mad.

  4. your jhangli hand thing is making me smile… its going to be a year soon to my first year of shaadi and i think this is a brilliant brilliant idea, to share your sharable memories… i blocked my blog out those few months and wish i hadnt.. there is so much to say and see


  5. wow jammie … cocaine is right, the clenching toes and the interlocked fingers tell a story of a thousand words. Best of luck!

  6. This picture tells a story of its own..from childhoos dreams to butterflies-in-your-tummies feelings to the trepidation of stepping into a new life..

    Please put up ALL the pics….


  7. I keep coming back to this pic…the lush colours…the lace at the bottom of your salwar…the touch of green and red…it’s mesmerizing…

  8. you are welcome babe, and hugs right back atcha!

    p.s. i invited kAy and shaadi ghar friends and family for something – ask her to pass on that email too! 😉

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