Dhol Bajnayy Lagaaaa

its 9 pm. its the big dholki tonight. finally. the shinnering lights and the dark green gao takkiyeh and gold net. the lights a la marquee style. the songs. the dances. the sisters. the friends. inshallah everything will go well. karachi, dont let me down. no rain tonight, please, Allah Mian.

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7 thoughts on “Dhol Bajnayy Lagaaaa”

  1. haha i am surprised you still remember us and keep posting! thankyou.

    and i hope everything went according to plan and no one missed a step. πŸ™‚

  2. do you get that surreal feeling – like KIA YEH SACH HAI, the whoele goose bump thing.

    Also, Kay sent me that dance pic – “dus bahanay” one – two of friends were sitting behind me and their first response was, Man You Guys Have Wicked Wedding Parties πŸ˜€

    still wishing i could be there.

    lots of love

  3. One word :WOW. What a night. Perfect weather, perfect lights, completely out of sync dances and major laughing fits in the middle of it all. I would say it was a perfect dholki/ non-mehendi.
    ps. I couldnt see a THING during Das Bhanay with the sun glasses on. How was it? πŸ™‚

  4. m…like ive said before. for me writing it down an dblogging adds perspective, one that ive come to love. πŸ™‚

    insiya: stay tuned. this is one techie bride. everything went better than planned. allah ka shukar.

    cocaine: it WAS surreal…coz i was the dulhan. i danced liek mad till 3 am. that was REAL πŸ˜€

    chiqita and khizzy…you were there. when its right, its right.

    sportaholic: thanks πŸ™‚ its been fun.

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