The Big Day

aafi called me from england the day after my wedding and said she had one thing to ask me which would tell me a lot about how the rest of my life with k will be. “How did he receive you on the stage on your wedding day?”

i didnt have to hesitate.
he came up to hold my hand to take me to our seats, and then stopped, looked at me and handed me a single red rose. i a hall packed with people, all of whom are trying to wish you the best simultaneously, thats the closest it gets to a private i love you.


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14 thoughts on “The Big Day”

  1. sweet. in fact that is my way of observing if a guy loves you or not also. those loser ones who remain seated like glue lagee huee ho – looks so stoopid.

    but i am really very happy for both of you. post more pics. πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ™‚

    personal observation:
    can i please add here that it was the sweetest thing watching both of u holding hands at the valima.u werent talking to each other…both talking to different people…but u held hands throughout!

    that was amazing!

  3. mashallah! i think this was the best wedding i attended, not being a part of it physically but emotionally and blogger-ly:)
    congratulations sara!
    may u have a wonderful long happy life ahead. ameen!
    have been visiting Kay’s blog too. it was awesome:D

  4. sigh….wow you are going to be FLYING for the next couple of months…i wanna get married ALL over again just to go through that high… πŸ™‚

  5. so is this the end of your bride blog? or will you now rename it a wife blog? where do you/we go from here? hahah will the story continue!? will the audience joint you through your ups and downs of marriage like we did you wedding, or do you just leave us all dreaming about your fairytale wedding?

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