Five Days After Marriage

the first few days of being married is kind of like being on a vacation. you know those summers when time used to slow down or speed up depending on how good a time you were having or how tired you were. when time was a mere concept and there were no rules of having to sleep at a particular 10pm or wake at a specific 8am. everything just puttered along merrily, in one happy slow-mo kind of way. post marriage is like that. like the vacation of your life, with your best friend. anything less than that is a compromise.


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4 thoughts on “Five Days After Marriage”

  1. followed you from kay’s blog 🙂 the whole thing ab your wedding is so awesome and makes me nostalgic abt my sister’s wedding.. it’llbe a year for them on 16th and i hope you stay just as happy as they are :)) *hug* congrats on the wedding.

  2. Hi. I’ve been married almost four years and moved to Melbourne from Delhi more than a year ago with my husband. In Delhi, life had become a routine and we were so busy with work that we’d forgotten what it is to spend quiet time with each other.

    Now we have all the time in the world and I’m loving it.. like you’ve written.. like on vacation with your best friend! Do drop by my blog.

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