The Bridesmaids.

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no wedding can be complete without a set of the bride’s girlfriends being there at her beck and call at every waking moment. to receive shouty sms’s, to be the punching bags, to deal with her rants, to share in her dreams, to manage the cell phone, to resolve her past, to peep into her future, to laugh madly, dance insanely, cry uncontrollably, share looks meaningfully, to bitch without reserve, absorb quietly and simply simply be there. to my bridesmaids, without whom this wedding could not have happened.


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6 thoughts on “The Bridesmaids.”

  1. i cant get over your colors… very curious about your wedding card.. would u consider blurring out the personal details and letting us see the design and template, the colors? or am i phailoing? 🙂


  2. uff, look at the cool techno bride! 🙂 everyone looks great but once again, the credit goes to he/she who took the picture…

    so who the man?

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