Honeymoon Flying.

on your honeymoon, always take the night flight. in addition to being extremely romantic and very cozy, its also extremely cozy and very romantic.


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7 thoughts on “Honeymoon Flying.”

  1. malaysia???i spent 3 years there….so guess u’ll end up going 2 all d famous places? the twin towers 9& KLCC mall below it-2 go up d tower, u need 2 get there really early n d morn), genting highlands, a short drive away from KL,they have a casino there, a huge hotel(7 hotels all linked),& an amusement park-which isnt all that great.I say go 2 d beaches-either Langkawi(u’ll hafta fly there-west coast), or Pulau Redang(east coast,north).Lovely beaches, plus u could snorkel & see d corals, technicolored fish etc. lake gardens-deer park, orchid park, bird park, butterfly park.Other malls- Mid valley Mega mall(take in a movie-at Gold class-1 screen at d multiplex that has sofas, settes, coffee tables etc!). Bukit Bintang shopping district, Oh, Times square(has an amusement park inside d mall’s atrium!).go to Central market,near the main railway station to get all your souvineers-& haggle & bargain!!!buy lots of Pewter stuff,painted eggs,wood carving masks, etc! or go to (its far too)Taman Negara-national park-no animals, but lotsa trees-canopy walk-rope bridge among tall tree tops(longest in d world)-camp there-a couple i know went on a romantic getaway there,coz d man’s into that sorta thing…lol!
    eat malay/southern thai food!chinese foodwont b halal,& it sux-not like d desi versions of chinese food v all love…

  2. thanks moiz for all the tips. i am flying to langkawi with my hubby tom morning. and its really beautiful this whole place!

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