blogging from the ‘moon.

how could you blog on your honeymoon??
you’re online from malaysia??
whats wrong with you??

i have had randoms and friends alike express extreme disbelief at the fact that i have actually been online from malaysia. for some insane reason, its apparently supposed to be that once you are on your honeymoon you should not want to be in touch with the real world at all. all that should exist is the happy bubble you are floating in. well. shoot me for being a bad honeymooner then, because as amazing a time as k and i are having being with just each other, my 10-15 minutes of blogging and online hello’s with the outside world have kept a interesting perspective on life. it makes me appreciate this get-away even more and makes me realize how lucky i am to have even gotten this time alone with him. talking to friends, writing in here has been my way of stepping back from the blurring kaleidoscope of changes of the past few weeks and it gives me a wonderful sense of achievement to be able to be here with him, and yet still feel like i havent floated away completely. this is jammie signing out from cloud 9, malaysia.


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7 thoughts on “blogging from the ‘moon.”

  1. im soooo glad ur blogging from the moon…and im not surprised at all!

    trust u to do sonething unconventional, even if it means blogging on ur honeymoon!

  2. this is crazier than the crazy frog song.

    here’s wishing you the loveliest of weather, the best of times, the most love one could ever imagine and the sense of security with that one person who is very lucky to have a wife like you.

  3. you are the champ, miss jammie.. kicking convention in the balls every step of the way- doing what YOU want to do… more power, sarae k.e.s.c ka power to you

  4. It IS normal. How can you just tune out ordinary life for weeks??? I’m glad you’re blogging since you’re one of my regular stops. Happy honeymooning! 🙂

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