never landing.

landed yet? back on earth jammie?

back on earth, houston, but no signs of having landed yet.
armed with well-intended advice from many a married woman who hated coming back to reality after their honeymoons, i had my teeth clenched waiting for the draft of cold air to hit me, as the plane landed at jinnah international and signaled the end of my married bliss. but three days in the landing, and im happy to report to the world out there in general that, despite the bumpy arrival, the bubble has stayed intact and im still skimming the skies. coming back home in fact has been something of an excitement as well, because im still “newly married” and “special” and still giddy from all the whirling changes that have engulfed my life. a high that, on any possible level and in whatever possible percentages im going to work to maintain for as long as we both shall live.


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