the itch.

It has been almost a month since I got married and about 7 weeks since wedding thoughts, feeling and happenings officially took over my entire life, not leaving space for any normal conversation or existence. all my friends, family and I would talk about was wedding related stuff. dances, clothes, changes, make up, finances, spats, emotions…everything was related to the huge thing about to happen in my life.
The days leading up were packed and crazy…The actual days a happy happy blur of colour and organziation and pictures and smiles and tears and then the post wedding stupor finally hit as everyone crawled back to what was once their own life. I flew off to the honeymoon, another technique devided by society to make sure the bride stays sedated on happiness enough to not realize that from now on, everything will be different.
I have been back from my moon for almost a week and the world has started beckoning. as much fun and bliss (allah ka shukar) it has been, I now feel the familiar urge to step out into what was my past life and explore. To see whats happening in my design world. To argue…to design. To be creative. And as Monday beckons slowly, I’m scared and excited to equal degrees as I step out of the bride bubble and walk back into work mode.


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6 thoughts on “the itch.”

  1. I m sure u will be more creative. As the surrounds, life, ppl, things have been changed & now u know more then u previously have known about alot of things.

    did i make any sense?:S

  2. I am curious to see the influence of this momentous occasion on your work. I mean u know how your context has now changed, I wonder if that would be reflective in what u do?
    Rest assured, it would still be up there with the good stuff.

    Best of Luck for Work


  3. i wonder if your designs will now have a ‘mrs’ element in it. maybe a little secret heart that only the designer can see. haha!

    must blog it – if possible.

  4. You remember the “Surf Cares” thing?
    i just thought of the it now and thing and I was wondering if it would change in anyway with – as Insiya put it – your “MRS” status 😀

  5. hmm i wonder if going back to normal life will be a let down… i hope not. over the next few months or years your perspective on life and the way you view or portray it is bound to change. as we get older life looks different, im guessing it must look different after marriage.. so with your work being so depended on your view of life i wonder how things will change.

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