i spy with my bride eye.

pre-marriage wedding hopping always fun. as long as you were armed with a friend/sister whose was willing to gossip, rip, shred and enjoy, it had the makings of a perfectly entertaining evening, especially with what not people are wearing these days.

post-marriage wedding hopping has turned out to be a somewhat different…because on one level you are gossiping, ripping, shredding, and enjoying but on some subliminal level you are comparing all the details to what happenend on your own wedding.


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3 thoughts on “i spy with my bride eye.”

  1. Just stumbled by your blog . Interesting writings . I agree marriage is not for the faint-hearted or the cynical … UGHHHH … who knows it better than I do . Never knew I could be so forgiving, so “giving”, so understanding of the most un-understandable, so patient. so meek, sooooooooooooooo DAMN STUPID!
    Sorry if it makes no sense, I don’t say I am a FREAK for nothing … πŸ˜€

  2. true mars. you stay so attuned to each others moods somehow that they end up becoming interconnected. we always wondered if that was always a good thing…

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