8 weeks and I’m still married.

I remember many times, when, in a tone of genuine mirth, my mother would wonder as to who would be insane enough to marry me and what would become of the poor man. Apparently I had zero tolerance (I shouted too much), a severe lack of communication (I wasn’t interested in listening), commitment issues (I got bored too easily), intensity issues (I took myself too seriously), no culinary expertise (to bowl him over and prevent him from noticing my other mental disabilities) and was totally obsessed with my work (hey I love what I do!). On my second month-a-versary today, I’m still married…if for no reason, but to prove my mother wrong. happy month 2 together k, i love you.


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people who know me...know me.

8 thoughts on “8 weeks and I’m still married.”

  1. 8 weeks huh! nice…
    my mum is the exact same way… she’s convinced im crazy and will never find anyone… he he… lets hope i prove her wrong one day too… cheers to ur 8 weeks!!!

  2. hehe. karrvalarela…sure go ahead. you can link.
    shonii…i think moms are SUPPOSED to make us feel that way so we feel better at the small victories later!

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