the hus-friend syndrome.

Image hosted by i think what most women are looking for is the loving security of a husband, who sits all night worrying when you toss feverishly, coupled with the frivolous spontanaiety of a boyfriend who brings you yellow balloons to make you feel better instead.


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18 thoughts on “the hus-friend syndrome.”

  1. Aww… 😀 i love ur blog… i think if i read anymore ill be telling my mum very soon to get me married off… seriously though u really see this whole marriage area from all the right angles… u have this lovely balance between being realistic and holding on to all girlish and womanly dreams. And ur perspectives are pretty to the mark. Very intelligent….
    love ur blog!! keep writing!! cheers!!!

  2. woow jammie! i love that room! what is it? is that your study? i love the colors and the red wall! woow!

    ive got a blue n yellow room and everyone jokes abt it saying it bold! red is bolder whoaa!

  3. haha sohnii…your moms going to be shocked!

    shez…thanks. red is my mostly fave colour.

    khizzy…no comment. ill wait till your graduation inshallah.

    saba…bak pak..flying cow…thanks. i really did enjoy doing up the room with k 🙂

  4. hahah. thanks people…but you can barely make out the room and in any case hehe, that wasant even the point!! 🙂

    shez…those are red khaddar ke blinds. the kinds that roll up and yes thats my work area in our room. 🙂

  5. ooohhhh!!!! The pic dint open last time around… im loving the whole red scene… very nice! referring to ur post, i can be very cynical abt relationships but u make me want to believe that marriage can really actually be not such a bad thing 😀

  6. ok i admit. i’ve been a silent reader on this blog for a very long time now. this post just made my day. no, it made my whole year! thank u 🙂

    mind if i link to your blog?

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