ready, get-married, go!

i recently faced my first “so any good news?” type querying intrusion. as i stared at the lady who is very close to me actually (relation-wise) i wondered if i should honestly share with her my beliefs on the topic and remind her ive been married all of only 70 days or simply smile sweetly and let her think what she might. i decided (against my better judgement) to speak up, only to have her shake her head at me disappointingly, advising me on the opposite, without even listening to me.

no matter how long you might have been going out, been in love, wanted to get married or even lived together, when you marry, you start again. its a new set of circumstances, a fresh set of ideas, a brand new packaging of everything that you might have always felt and wanted. i believe it becomes so important to be together by yourselves for a while, learn anew or new what the person is all about…figure out shared dreams and projects and ideals and plans…understand first the couple that one must evolve into without losing sense of the individual and rushing headfirst into a unit.


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8 thoughts on “ready, get-married, go!”

  1. my sister was lucky in this sense. she moved to the US. and now all ‘such’ queries are directed to mum, and us siblings! why would ‘aunties’ not understand that its much too personal to ask someone this question!?

  2. oh boy thats a lil too early for questions like that..why cant ppl mind their own business..ya i would agree that moving to US also saved me from questions like that…do not give in.

  3. Agreed 100% with you Jammie.

    Don’t let the “aunties” get the best of you. Trust me, when you get married, they want kids, when you have one, they want another one. The cycle is never ending.

    Just smile at them and keep them wondering πŸ˜‰ ALWAYS !

  4. jammie, “so any good news?”


    now THAT’S one new twist to your blog that i CAN’T wait for!!! such excitement! [:-D]

    add me, an ‘uncle’, to your list of hate-able aunties!

    kiya karoun, as a future obstetrician, mujh sey contol nahin hota- just had to say it out here! [;-)]

  5. i second insiya. kuch aisa hi scene this side. My sister got married in miami and left us to answer the queries. now mashahAllah, after 6 years, the reply is positive. πŸ˜€

  6. lol, my mammiii has been married 12-13 years, has two adorable kids and old women in our family still ask her this… go figure!!!

  7. LOL! I know what you mean by “Any good news”. My wife and I used to hear it at every family gathering. Not any more. They’ve given up on us. For now, both of us have two standard replies.

    1. Good news? Oh yes! I just got a promotion.

    2. Good news? Oh! Any year now!

    ~ Arun

    p.s. Great blog. Bookmarking you!

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