days of the full house…

Sehri time at my mom’s house (note it’s not my house anymore) has always been a mad affair. Somehow my sisters and I are (used to be) at our craziest, brightest and funniest at the time, which promises an uproaringly loud 4am. We (used to) laugh like maniacs at everything possible usually prompting silent tears of merriment from my mom, and an absolute deaf ear from my dad, who after years of dealing with 4 females has evolved superior ignore mechanisms and prefers to eat and go back to sleep.

This year it’s k and myself alone since Mummy is in islamabad till after eid. And even though there’s a little jig in my heart at all the newness of things and life with him, I cant help feeling sad at the thought of my usual spot on the kitchen floor being empty, as my family congregates for sehri once more starting tomorrow.


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8 thoughts on “days of the full house…”

  1. haiiii..well for the three of us its the iftari time!!sehri is just get up stuff and sleep!:)
    i want my sister and brother:(

  2. 😦
    I like the way you put words to your thoughts. Completely relatable. And though I am not married, but your posts are nice and fresh and give a very honest outlook.
    Weddings are great, I guess, but there are so many things that change. And yes, I completely agree with “late twenties have proved her words very true. you want to marry but not just anyone. you want to settle down but not JUST settle. you want it all or you want none of it. it’s a happy sad time for us because most of us are finally figuring out, after all the heartbreak and tears who we like being, who we are proud being and and now the catch is to find someone who likes that too.”
    Very well put.

  3. Sigh… i miss home too… also, isnt 3 the perfect number… me and my two sisters are our craziest at all meal times unfortunately for my brother who makes his meal times as short as possible.. dad however loves meal times where he is as loud and crazy as us… amii is forever the silent tamashayiii who just sits back and smiles trying to see who is the real child, us or our dad πŸ˜€
    Happy Ramzan… πŸ™‚

  4. I had left home a very long time ago. Yes, its been about 16 years in my 26 yrs of existence. And our family of just 4 rarely get together, when i am there my bro ain’t ther and vice versa.. This may, i did went home when my kid bro had also come down from the States. It was quite a happy moment, this may. But getting together on festivals, I don’t remmeber when we did that last time..
    but of course wherever i am whoever i am with, we I rarely had a gloomy festival. the fun is in you and not just who u r with. U can really have a very mischievous sehri :-)..

    happy Ramzan

  5. stacy, ramzan is the holy month acc to the islamic calendar for muslims where we fast for the whole day eating only before the mornign prayer at sunrise(that meal is called sehri) and after the evening prayer at sunset (this meal is called iftari). this month is followed by Eid, which is an Islamic holiday and celebration, kinda like christmas…

  6. Thanks for filling me in. I think I’ve heard someone talk about that before. You don’t eat all day and then have huge feasts after sundown, is that right? Is this time of fasting in preparation for next month? What does Eid commemorate/celebrate?

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