marriage perks.

i think one of the nicest things about being married is the ability to get up go for a late night drive and not have to constantly sms your father to tell him you are 7 minutes away from home and that you will be back by midnight.


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8 thoughts on “marriage perks.”

  1. ooh the freedom! and that too with the one you love- couldn’t get any better!

    clifton beach
    ampi’s peach melba
    super highway
    the airport…..driving aimlessly!

    convertable sports car on KHI’s deserted roads at that hour (if only the roads were better :-P)…..Wah! PERFECT!

  2. 😦 You manage to make marriage sound fun!
    I have to keep doing that if I ever tell my parents that I would be late…

  3. vinpooh…love does not mind rocky roads ahhahaha

    shivanji…marriage at the right time i think should be fun. i mean if youre going to be with someone the rest of your life as a choice, you might as well enjoy the ride. and allah ka shukar, i got lucky.

  4. lol!!@ ‘halal-ness’ cheeso take away the sneakiness/riskiness and there goes away 90% of the fun;)


    but i agree with sara… you definitely feel more independent and accountable! but i miss my mama’s worried look! 😦 the feeling that someone out there cares. *sigh

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