in times of need and scare

as if life wasn’t scary enough already in the number of people you love and pray for, being married adds a whole new dimension to it, as i put k to the growing list of people im consciously and subconsciously praying for as much as i can remember. as i watch people’s stories, of losing fathers, mothers and husbands and wives and kids, i ask Allah Mian to give them strength for their ordeals and for Him to give us all strength to keep loving those around us, without too much fear in our minds and with a lot faith in our hearts.


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8 thoughts on “in times of need and scare”

  1. may Allah Mian keep you both safe and those you love. amen.

    p.s. isnt it beautiful how we have all come together for the first time that i can remember. abbu says that he feels the same as he did when the 1965 war broke out. we as a nation have come together.

  2. i agree insiya…my mother says the same. that it took a tragedy for us to see how great it can be to work together…
    inshallah we will come out of this better and stronger. i have hope.

  3. I don’t know who Allah Mian is but I’m glad that you’re well.

    –I’m just a well wisher from the other side of the globe.

  4. How does “Mian” translate? I’m familiar with Allah but not Mian. (I hope you don’t mind all my questions. I’m simply curious by nature).

  5. stacy…now that i think about it…Allah Mian simply translates into Mr God…is something we were taught to say when we were younger…kinda like a title…:D

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