For the fifth time, how are you today…?

i have realized i have to fight the urge to call my mom, dad, the poogle, lil jam and k several times a day these days, just see if everything is ok. it’s a scary on-the-edge kind of a thing to do…and im praying hard, hoping i don’t sound panicky and insane to them.


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people who know me...know me.

5 thoughts on “For the fifth time, how are you today…?”

  1. It’s really wierd how we don’t even know each other, and a night’s worth of reading has gotten me “hooked” on to your life.

    This is so bizzare. Blogging is so weird.

    It’s like reading a book… that goes on and on and on…


  2. you’re not insane. i’m cursing myself now for being halfway across the world and not being there when my friends and family need me, and i them.

    u realise how much u want to hold on to what u love, when u see loss up close.

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