there’s something about watching the wedding home videos that`can really resolve issues that arise between me and k at home.
they bring back so much of what was happening only in my head…which no amount of words could do justice to. so many feelings that were poignant and pertinent at only that time. of wondering happiness. awe. numbness. fear. oh, and the butterflies. all gazillion of them. since any and every video made at my wedding was by friends and family, there is nothing professional about it…it’s shaky, mad, happy and completely brimming with the feeling that i felt signified my entire wedding time.
and every single time, they remind me of the rightness i felt in my heart and why i married k in the first place.


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8 thoughts on “reminders”

  1. the wedding video i made for my cousin does the same to her. i was their official video wali. 🙂

    k be lucky-est. 🙂 – and many stranger blog friends shall agree with moi on that.

  2. hahah thanks insiya. somehow the home videos capture the spirit more than the pro walee. so bless all sisters/friends/cousins who offer to make the video!!

    kookie: yes you rock!!

  3. ooh. that be lovely. cause that be the point! 🙂

    p.s. so do i see a Mr.Jammie blog soon? – i’d love to know the ‘other’ side of the story. dont wanna call it the flip side. 😛

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