sisters and sehris- the best combination ever.


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16 thoughts on “sisters and sehris- the best combination ever.”

  1. thats espresso!! god i miss that place soo much!! even more for it having sehri now..i wanna come home! 😦

  2. i am SO happy for you guys being together. cause since annie baji moved to US post-shaadi things have changed.

    i miss annie baji! 😥

  3. the joy of having 2 little sister..umm mahnoor…yeh. ok 😉

    insiya…i dont know how people deal with it. weve become spolit allah ka shukar.

    amna cherry, ramzans not over yet. quickly make an espresso sehri plan with hussy cherry!

  4. Your girls are so cute 🙂 Remind me of days before marriage. I have 2 younger sisters also. Masha Allah its a real blessing. You are lucky you haven’t moved far away from them.

    Cherish these moments 🙂

  5. I’m the 3rd of 3 sisters!! And Jammie, you really ARE lucky to have them around. We’re all scattered, one in Pak, one in England and I’m in Dubai. And I really miss just “being” with them.

    The one thing that I always wish for my daughter is that she’s blessed with a sister too, there’s nothing like them in the world!

  6. i know i am. i dont think most of things in life so far would have been possible had it not been for those 2. *i hope they arent reading his coz then ive had it* hehe.

  7. sam..t shirt from this place called DAKU opp copper kettle…they have a whole series…but of course karachi daku would be my fave 😀

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