say it with flowers.

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Doing up our room has been fun and I have realized that on days when tired and blah-ed out, all it takes to make your room look new, vibrant, exciting and alive is fresh flowers. i highly recommend lillies which are avaible at the Park Towers flower shop at Rs.225 a stem, and kept well, can last easily upto a month.


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12 thoughts on “say it with flowers.”

  1. Yes, beautiful room. I am sure you must have had some fun times there.
    However, I do suggest you share some more up close photos of this sanctuary πŸ™‚

  2. My room is so dead, but then its how a bachelor pad should look like, eh. There is a particular lily that only blooms in manipur. Siroy lily. Google for it. its a really nice flower.. I had a pic on my other blog.. My Home, Manipur

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