Master of My Own Fate.

A decade of eids spent in the back seat of my father’s car with my sisters, fighting over the music choices and I am finally the master of my own destiny. Or atleast the planner of my own eid route. I re-realized a lot of things about the relationships we keep with people. How little they mean sometimes (and we drag them on) and how much they matter (and we don’t try enough). How making an effort is so relative. And relatives are just so much an effort.

1. Visiting my parents’ house on eid with k felt SO right.
2. Friends cannot be your family.
3. At the best and worst of times, all personal issues can be set aside.
4. Dressing up on eid when with hubby takes on a whole new dimension.
5. New clothes on eid are an affirmation that there is a tomorrow.
6. When you want to meet up with someone, you will. Occasion or no occasion.
7. We make our own separate individual relationships which no extrenal factor can harm or influence unless we let them.
8. With the right people, the energy is always buzzing and you are always beautiful.


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8 thoughts on “Master of My Own Fate.”

  1. just u wait till i get married!
    will make up for all the times…
    ull have to take a restraining order out on me!

    *i realize it is only u jams who’ll understand this!*

  2. mujhay bhee shaadi karnee hai. buss. and khiz – i might not know what you mean but the only reason why i wanna marry young is so that i get enough time to make up for all the time. 🙂

  3. You just make being in a relationship sound so beautiful… I know it is. But you do a much better job out of it. I am honestly really happy for the fact that you are living every moment of your new life. Its such a refreshing change. May god always shower his blessings. Truly.

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