The Younger Woman

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Maybe it’s the “gora chamra” like daddo says…or his pleasant smiling face like my mother insists, or perhaps aafi simply knows a good man when she sees one; whatever the reason, my tiny little niece is doing her best to lay on the charms, thick.

Whether it’s as subtle as coyly shy smiles and glances being thrown in k’s direction, or something as blatant as patting him on the cheeks after hitting him on the head (remember the girls-only-hit-guys-they-like rule from grade 2), or constantly handing him flowers and oranges through the course of the entire eid dinner, she’s a woman with a mission.


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10 thoughts on “The Younger Woman”

  1. well she does have all of you to learn from. would you expect any less ? πŸ˜€

    it would be wicked to see her as a teenager! hahahaha

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