blurry good times…

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As it is the wedding passes by so fast that one doesn’t get round to feeling much. Most emotions are in some kind of a radial blur tool and half the time you are ecstatically happy and the other half ferociously moody. Later on, many details crystallize with the help of photographs and home videos and you actually start appreciating how amazing the whole experience was. But of course, by then you are married and everyone’s gone home.

These days I’m missing that pre-wedding butterflies in the stomach. The anticipation of a blind turn and not knowing what is on the other side. That feeling of the backward freefall because really, even to your best friend, it can only be described as the biggest change in your life.*sigh* I wish I could get married again…this time I’d try to be there more consciously 😀


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10 thoughts on “blurry good times…”

  1. yayyyyyyyy!
    those were amazing days, and yea i wish u could get married again!
    lol…and of course u WOULD post the most hideous dancing pic of us
    freaks bunti-bubblying!

  2. i agree completely…if i ever did my wedding over again, I’d be much less stressed and more aware of the amazing experience i was going through..usually the flurry of activities become constant distraction from the big epiphany: you’re about to get married! Great pics. 🙂

  3. amazing pics 🙂 congratulations…
    i hear you girl.. i just got married this July and in retrospect, i feel that most of the times, the essence of me was never present…
    now, that i’m married, i focus more on truly experiencing the experiences 🙂

  4. thanks to you (as always) i’d make sure i am consious during my shaadi days. 😛

    oh and is it me or does it seem like khizzy is being sucked into the ground? :s

  5. all the married people agree with me i see… 🙂 i dont feel too left out anymore hahah.

    funny thing is most of my memories so to say, are now what I’ve seen in the video more and less what i remember of that time…that can be best descrobed as hazy. even tho i wrote consistently through that time.

    sam…you should see some of the others…i dont thinka more retarded photo shoot ever took place!

  6. i think it was the spontaneous turn everyday took which made your wedding a butterflied event and everything related to it before and after the same:)butterfliee

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