The Night Spent at Momma’s- Yet Another Much Awaited Moment in Married Life.

Right before I was married, lots of already married friends told me about the first night spent back at mom’s house and how familiarly unfamiliar it felt. They mentioned how much more appreciated they felt by the family, especially previously squabbling siblings and how the time spent together was “perfect in being short”. Austen would understand. No time for differences, arguments, or extended fights.

My first night spent at my momma’s house coincided with a sudden bout of fever and flu on my part, kookie’s minor eye surgery, k’s trip to lahore and kAy’s absolute breakdown after 3 major assignements. So basically, all of us spent the entire time “together” drugged and asleep.


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7 thoughts on “The Night Spent at Momma’s- Yet Another Much Awaited Moment in Married Life.”

  1. I liked the choice of your words in your Blog. Such a nice control with Strong description.

    Wish you a Happy Married Life.
    God bless you….

  2. i spent my first night last week and it felt good, just being pampered and sleeping in your own bed and talking to your mum all night.

    i hope you all feel better. lots of rest and mother’s love will do the trick.

  3. The first time I went back (without hubby) it felt like I had never left. Being the youngest of 3, I was still doing things for my sisters.

    The younger ones never grow up!!

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