who are you gonna call?

When it’s that time of the year (work-wise November usually) and you are in an UGH mood, the one victim who comes to mind is the poor sod who agreed to be with you for better or worse, in richer or poorer and in sickness and in health.
These days, k is learning the other side of loving me.
The side which has me walking in at 11pm from school, blasting the systems of justice for the policies being followed at that particular place of work, or an emotional tirade about my students who are a great batch and why should the “real world” judge them anyways? He’s gotten used to me working till 3 am these days, while he unsuccessfully waits up for me, blasting those bleeping aliens on his playstation.

He’s learning the best way to keep me happy is to just listen to me rant and rave and express my vehement opinions and burn myself out. After that I can actually be a pleasure to live with πŸ™‚


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11 thoughts on “who are you gonna call?”

  1. ahhh, thank god it’s not only me; i felt bad doing that to my husband all of last week because i was trying to juggle school, work and a social life… he also unsuccessfully tried to stay up trying to catch up on his work…

    his ‘trying’ just makes me love him more and gives me that instant kick of energy that allows me to get my work done faster and hence get a couple of more hours of sleep.

    gluck with your work!
    oh and i love the lanterns that you put up for k’s bbq.

  2. it’ll take me a while to get out of this mode but….

    i love u guyz!!!!!
    and i love u for being the kind of person/teacher/proffessional/designer u are!i hold u responsible for bringing out the designer in me!uve been a great source of inspiration, motivation and moral support!
    i survived the thesis because of u, kAy, kookie,and meyum !


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