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Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.
Luther Burbank (1849 – 1926) US naturalist, plant breeder


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6 thoughts on “suraj-mukhi”

  1. lol i haven’t heard the word suraj-mukhi in the longest time. that alone made me very happy! =D

    i love flowerssss. i want the winter to go away so i can see flowers again!!!

  2. i LOVE sunflowers and tulips!

    if i had a penny for every form of sunflower i have in my house…

    dried arrangements, bed spreads, cutlery, sundresses, clips, sandals and the list goes on!!

  3. I was at Indus today to see the exibition. It was very impressive… I loved the attention to detail. I also happened to ask the guy at the reception if you were there (although my husband thought that you might think that I was stalking you!), I just thought that it would be nice to say hello.

    But… since you weren’t there, we didn’t cross paths. It would be nice to put faces to our blogs.


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