how you eat and live.

Hussy once told me, with all the authority of a true Cosmo fan, that how men eat is a giveaway to how they are in bed. I found that bit of trivia immensely enjoyable and for the next few days if we saw a friend eating particularly unusually, the two of us would burst into gales of laughter.

Of course being the over-thinkers that we can be, the conversation went one step further. I noticed that how we were in our college lives, in our earlier days were all clues as to how we were going to tackle important relationships and marriage and eventually babies later on. I realized that out of the lot of us who started out in IVS together, all of us evolved so definitely, so surely into who we are today. For some it meant that we made our peace with husbands and babies earlier on than others and for others it meant accepting that at 30, we will be single and fabulous. For some it starting life away from places they had taken for granted, and for others it meant restarting life in the same place. It’s fascintaing to see how every decision can be traced back to those early days when decisions seemed less urgent, less life altering, but somehow I suppose they were.

Looking back is great, especially when done with the right people. You see so many clues which existed back then which link up with who you are today. How you think, how you act, behave, love, fight, sit, shout, and yes, even how you eat.


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7 thoughts on “how you eat and live.”

  1. u crazy crazy crazy woman! haha i read this post last night and all through today’s end of the year party… All i did was notice how people ate and drank and how that could be sexual!!!!!!! OMG my friends and i went ballistic!

  2. hahaha…sorry if i ruined some office canteen moments…but you dont think like that ALL the time. its just an observation. 🙂

  3. men who eat less or are not fussy eaters..are they less passionate??i wonder???my personal take is that they are less romantic…

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