grown-up tests of life.

Grown-ups can be so wonderful. No matter what you are going through in life, and they will have been through it already.

It’s so awesome (and i mean it in the AWESOME sense of the word) that K and I are just beginning our journey. My mind reels at all that we still have left ahead of us, moments and occasions which will on occasion scare us, make us joyful and maybe even one day test our love. It’s so daunting to realize that we are at that first level again, the babies in a marriage, and, I’m learning from the “grownups” who are in their 3rd, 5th 11th, 30th and mashallah even 60th year of married life.

We have so much knowledge and experience around us to do with as we please. And as life starts rolling around with its unpredicatblities and twists and turns, not all happy, we latch onto the lessons, the exanples, finding faith and comfort in the fact that some grownup somewhere went through this before and survived this test also and is now living in flying colours.


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