Journal of A Wife by Anais Nin

“…and of all the things he dared to do, the most dangerous for the well-being of their marriage was to encourage Anais to be herself.”
Preface by J. Nin, Journal of a Wife

Hussy brought me a book to read in sick bed. A book I’m enjoying so thouroughly an completely that I never want it to end. Being a wife in the last 5 months of being one has been an experience I can only write about, so imagine my complete fascination with someone who has already written about it. I’m not reading this book, I’m absorbing it as entire paragrpahs jump out to do justice to the wonders of being someone’s wife.


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8 thoughts on “Journal of A Wife by Anais Nin”

  1. farazzz. long time. hope alls well.

    sara: dont you dare!! πŸ™‚

    insiya no! i want to pick out book on my own but haven been out of home yet. sooon. im bck in reading mode. woo hoo

  2. lol!@ pregnancy rumour… i was suspiscious.. but glad!! itd be totally not u, if u were!

    hope ure up n running real soon!

  3. It’s really funny that when a newly wed says she’s unwell, the rest of us think… “pregnant”?

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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