Dinner for Two and a Half.

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one of the best ways of truly getting to know a person, of truly connecting with someone, is over a great dinner, prepared with painstaking attention to detail and had unhurriedly and leisurely, savouring each bite and feeling.

main course: almond chicken in a chunky tomato pesto sauce with fromage potatoes and a cold greek salad with feta and olives in red vinegar dressing
along with crusty french bread with herbs.

finale: a chocolate cheese frozen dessert with vanilla sauce and a dark choc-coffee centre. little bites of heaven.

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16 thoughts on “Dinner for Two and a Half.”

  1. ok two things!

    one: you cant post a menu without recipes!!

    two: dinner for two and a HALF??? *gives you a raised eyebrow* something you wanna announce? 😛

  2. lol okay my first reaction was very very similar to shezalldat. but i must admit, i’m very jealous! kudos to mr. jammie!!! =D

  3. even tho I am a vegetarian, and have never eaten meat…I can imagine by the display and details it must have been yummy! 🙂

    I do want that dessert tho! any chances of you putting the recipe online?

  4. jammie, you are the luckiest female alive to have a husband who cooks, and that too such yummy sounding dishes. yay for you 🙂

  5. damn! FOOLED me again!

    thought you had some GOOD news to announce! 😛

    the obstetrician in me, JUST CAN’T wait!!!

    has your patti ever made fondue? i tried it for the graduation tea i threw for my friends and it turned out divine!

    i really like the fact that the guests can help ‘join in’ the cooking! try it next time!

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