setting patterns

I used to be fascinated by books in which a character would mention that she had lunched with her best friend “every Saturday for the past 20 years”. I imagined a relationship flourishing just as a result of lunches and conversation and in my 18 year old life then, imagined that I, too, would form such relationships one day in my life, where I would actively take out time from the routine of my dailyness to fit in someone important even if they were not an everyday reality to me.

When we stare hard enough at the fabric of our lives, we start detecting recurring patterns and motifs- little islands of sense in the unpredictability of everyday life. We start hanging onto those constants with a vehemence, regarding them as key factors of control in an otherwise uncontrolled environment. We start working around other details in life to make space for that motif, that little puece of time out that you now regard imperative to you as you have become today.

Regular espresso breakfasts with meyum and kat over the last year of changes have beeome islands. Snatched lengths of reconnecting time. Sometimes it is silent crosswords, sometimes a non-stop conversation, sometimes venting, other times sorting, resolving and many other times just nothing at all. As I came back today, I realized that this is how, with little things, we make our individual patterns, and set precedences for years to come.


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10 thoughts on “setting patterns”

  1. aah!
    i love the way u write! the whole imagery and all! plus u seem to word everything i feel.. its weird!

    btw… i might come to pak! i weally wanna meet u guys. lets hook up somehow. im dying to put a person to the words.. (yes insiya u too!)

  2. Living life each day is one thing, being able to see and read patterns in your own life, is quite another. Though the first one comes easy, its the second that requires effort. What I like about your posts is the ability to distance each day as you live it, from the larger canvas and the myriad patterns that life draws on it.

  3. coffee dates with my girlfriends means the world to me now that i’m married…it takes such an incredible amount of effort to coordinate everyone’s hectic schedule and then finally when we’re sitting across from each other, the burdens begin to unravel and for that one or two hours, we’re 18 years old again! 🙂 Hey, I need to send you a link to my new blog (discreetly)…??


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