and they lived happily ever after,

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I sat with hussy in church, covered in goosebumps, as the bridal entourage walked in. K, with the other 2 best men, escorting the bridemaids, the rise and fall of the music, the poignancy of the words and the feeling of anticipation in the air. Having grown up watching cartoons and movies, the concept of “forever” was always this one.
The trailing white wedding dress,
the “till death do us part” type vows
the high ceilinged church and eventually,
the bride and groom dancing on soft
romantic songs late into the night,
under a sparkling canopy of stars.

with a start like this,
now wonder they lived happily ever after.


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11 thoughts on “and they lived happily ever after,”

  1. was this yesterday…23rd?
    and where was this church…i heard fireworks yesterday…
    i could be wrong…but the picture is awesome…uff!

  2. The first Christian wedding I attended gave me goose-flesh too! And then everyone danced and it was gorgeous! It’s all so unreal! 🙂

    May they live happily ever after, Amen.

  3. there are so many things i feel we could pick up to add to our own weddings 🙂 little details concerning people…

    and yes moizze, st anthonys church 🙂

  4. amna cherry (im assuming its you) 🙂 my intitail blog was about the details then i went for “less is more”. heh

    lets see.
    i loved the vows- trying to put down into real words what you take this man to be-
    i loved the involvement but non interference aspect. all the family memners were part of it but the call was the couples. the invite was from them.

    i liked the toasts made by friends or loved ones where they bring the groom and bride out alive in what theyr mean to each other and them. they become real people to feel happy for.

    i also really liked the fact that the bride and the groom were at the reception welcoming people and the reception included them mingling, having fun and dancing till late instead of a 2 hour short stage stint (the poor bride spends more time dressed up in her room than with her family and friends)…the whole aspect of it being a marriage and not just a wedding was realer somehow.

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